2024 Draft Order:
2024 Draft Lottery
  1. Philadelphia Green Rage
  2. Newark Sugar Bears
  3. Empire City Trojans
  4. Green Lake Gators
  5. Poovey Farms Dairy Cows
  6. Team Joel Armijo
  7. San Francisco Experience
  8. El Paso Chihuahuas
  9. Blue Ridge Bombers
  10. Hillsborough Hired Hitmen
  11. Merrill Creek Mudskippers
  12. Allentown Mules
  13. Vancouver Iron Fist
  14. Erie Snow Wolves
  15. Sardine City Straphangers
  16. Tucson Kingsnakes
  17. Hopatcong Floating Fish
  18. Arkansas Golden Falcons
  19. Hoboken Cutters
  20. Livingston Lords of Swing

Picks lost and added:

as of 1/10/24

picks are for the 2024 draft except where noted.
  • Allentown Mules
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • Arkansas Falcons
    Added: 8th(PHI)
    Lost: 4th(PHI);7th(NWK)
  • Blue Ridge Bombers
    Added: 1st(ERI);5th(LIV);5th(GL)
    Lost: 1st(EP);12th(NWK)
  • El Paso Chihuahuas
    Added: 1st(BR);3rd(EP)
    Lost: none
  • Empire City Trojans
    Added: 4th,7th(ERI)
    Lost: 5th(PHI via VAN)
  • Erie SnowWolves
    Added: 4th(LIV);7th(VAN)
    Lost: 1st(BR);2nd(VAN);3rd(EP);6th(GL);4th,7th(EC)
  • Green Lake Gators
    Added: 1st(HBK);6th(ERI);9th(LIV)
    2025: 1st(HBK)
    Lost: 5th(BR);6th,10th(HBK)
  • Hillsborough Hired Hitmen
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • Hoboken Cutters
    Added: 6th,10th(GL);9th(PHI)
    Lost: 1st(GL);12th(NWK)
    2025: 1st(GL)
  • Hopatcong Floating Fish
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • Livingston Lords of Swing
    Added: none
    Lost: 4th(ERI);5th(BR);8th(SF);9th(GL)
  • Merrill Creek Mudskippers
    Added: none
    Lost: 6th(NWK);9th(PHI)
  • Newark Sugar Bears
    Added: 6th(MC); 7th(ARK); 10th(TUC);12th(HBK);12th(BR)
    Lost: none
  • Philadelphia Green Rage
    Added: 4th(ARK);5th(EC via VAN);9th(MC)
    Lost: 8th(ARK);9th(HBK)
  • Poovey Farms Dairy Cows
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • Team Joel Armijo
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • San Francisco Experience
    Added: 8th(LIV)
    Lost: 2nd(TUC)
  • Sardine City Straphangers
    Added: none
    Lost: none
  • Tucson Kingsnakes
    Added: 2nd(SF)
    Lost: 8th(VAN);10th(NWK)
  • Vancouver Iron Fist
    Added: 2nd(ERI);8th(TUC)
    Lost: 7th(ERI)