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Owner: Mark Hrywna
Email: mhrywna@hotmail.com
Manager: Wally Backman
Hitting Coach: Mo Rocca
Pitching Coach: Ebby Calvin Laloosh
Bench Coach: Jorge Velandia

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Cutters honor Adenhart
(April 11, 2009) - Days after the tragic death of their top prospect, the Hoboken Cutters announced they will rename the homee field in honor of Nick Adenhart. The 22-year-old was killed in a car accident early Friday morning. The most promising of the five prospects drafted by Hoboken, Adenhart was their first ineligible prospect selected in the 2009 draft, No. 76 overall and the sixth pick of the sixth round. Formerly known as The Quarry at Cutters Field, Hoboken's ballpark will become The Quarry at Adenhart Field starting with Sunday's game against Arkansas.

Kazmir Dealt
(November 3, 2008) - At a teary-eyed press conference early this morning, Hoboken GM Mark Hrywna announced the trade of one of the longest-tenured Cutters, Scott Kazmir.

Hoboken sent the Texas native to Philly for outfielder Adam Dunn, a 9th round pick in 2009 and a 6th round pick in 2010.

"It's tough because Scott has been with the organization so long and has had some special moments with us. Then again, this motherf**ker lost 19 games for us last year," Hrywna said.

The 24-year-old was drafted as an ineligible prospect in the 5th round way back in 2004, but didn't make his first appearance for the squad until the 2006 season. He holds several team records, including most strikeouts in a season (231) and in a game (13), as well as the team-record 19 losses last year.

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