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Owner: Mike "Stump" Matiash
Manager: George Brett
Hitting Coach: Barry Bonds
Pitching Coach: Bret Saberhagen
General Manager: Jeff Bagwell
First Base Coach: Brian Harper
Third Base Coach: Barry Larkin
Radio Play by Play: Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola

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Falcons acquire ace for A-Rod
(12/21/15) -- Falcons owner Stump Matiash arrived in Little Rock with the trophy.

(12/24/08) -- The Arkansas Falcons (3B) sent Alex Rodriguez to the Philadelphia Endzone Animals for (SP)Johan Santana. Owners Mike "Stump" Matiash(Arkansas) and Anthony "Bocci" Pucci(Philadelphia) have had multiple conversations the past 2-3 weeks with neither really wanting to part with their best player but in the end each team upgraded tremendously. Pucci said " I have a great deal of respect for Johan but we just couldnt agree to a long term contract therefore i felt we had to make a move and upgraded ourselves at 3B when the Falcons agreed to move Alex because of 3 reasons: 1-Alex brought back memories of Barry Bonds and it was to painful for Stump to deal with. 2-The desperate need to upgrade their starting pitching staff which was manhandled last season. 3-To strike fear into Butchs Newark SugarBears lineup

Without further ado the Arkansas Falcons introduced Johan Santana to Quisenberry Stadium Wednesday with a video that featured Jenna Jamison, Bill Clinton and Barry Bonds gushing about the greatness of Arkansas.


(01/05/08) -- IT'S OFFICIAL!! Alex Rodriguez is a Falcon.

Commissioner Yaro Zajac approved the mega deal late Friday afternoon allowing ARod to be traded to Arkansas Falcons by the Hillsborough Hitmen.

"I'm pretty excited. This is a big, big one," Falcons owner Mike "Stump" Matiash said.

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