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Owner: Brent Campbell
Email: brentcam3@aol.com
Manager: Mike Greenwell
Hitting Coach: Hensley "Bam Bam" Meulens
Pitching Coach: Brien Taylor
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Job Well Done
(11/16) Hillsborough fans are raving about the season the Hillsborough Hired Hitmen gave them this year. General Manager/Owner Brent Campbell said, "I couldn't have been happier about the performance my team gave our fans this year. It came down to the last day before we were knocked out of the playoffs." A-Rod and Ryan Howard have been named Co-Team MVP's. Felix Hernandez has been named pitcher of the year and rookie pitcher of the year for the team. Ryan Howard also brought home the Hitmen's Rookie of the Year award. (more)
(3/31) Hillsborough fans are starting to get a little upset over the team's poor start. Fans started to boo former Mitchell Award winner Carlos Delgado after he struck out in last night's game against Vancouver. The team has not been discouraged, however, and remains upbeat. "We are in the toughest division in baseball" says second baseman Ray Durham.
Weaver set to return
(3/31)The team expects to have ace pitcher Jeff Weaver back sometime at the end of this week. Sources close to the team say that Weaver was starting to recover from his fear of walking around town after dusk and now with the time change this weekend, Weaver should be good to go the rest of the season. "I swear everywhere I looked there were eyes following me" Weaver recalled about the first time he walked out in Hillsborough after dark. "It's not like I'm in the projects, but something about this town gives me the willies.
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