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Owner: Anthony "Bocci" Pucci
Manager: Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni
Hitting Coach: Pete Incaviglia
Pitching Coach: Dave Righetti
1st Base Coach: Von Hayes
3rd Base Coach: Greg Luzinski
Bench Coach: Mike Schmidt
Bullpen Coach: Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams
Chef, Who's on First: Ryan Anderson
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A-Rod Going... Going... Gone?
(6/11/09) Madonna's favorite boy toy will be leaving Philadelphia with a one way ticket out of town. Animals GM Frankie Ravioli has confirmed he is talking to two teams about a trade that would ship A-Rod far away from the city of brotherly love. A source close to the situation said that since Brandon Webb's status for next season is in limbo, the Animals are looking for a young starting pitcher as part of the deal. While attending a Trenton Sack Attack game to watch the organizations top prospect Stephen Strasburg pitch, Owner Anthony Pucci said, "A-Rod will be traded, and he will be by the trade deadline. We will get full value for him!" he followed that up by saying, "I'm like Mark Messier babeeee, I guarantee both will happen!"

Trades? , Throwbacks & T-shirts:
(1/17/09) The Animals are making it known that they are in the trade market again. The Animals have a few positions they are trying to shore up. At the top of their list is a lefty slugging outfielder. They also are in the market for a starting pitcher and a reliever. The Animals have had preliminary talks with a couple of teams, but can't seem to get a deal done yet. The Animals said they have a few chips on their roster that they would consider moving if the right player is offered. The Animals also have not hesitated in the past to move a high draft pick if it means getting the player they target. GM of the Animals Frankie Ravioli said, "If a team has a player that they think we would be interested in, by all means please send us an email to see if we are interested". Considering that the Animals are one of the busiest teams in the DMB, we think a few trades will go down eventually.

The Animals announced that that they will wear throwback uniforms this year. They will sport the old Philadelphia Eagle Wings uniform that they wore from 1998-2000. They plan to wear them at home when they play Carolina on the 17th & 18th and then when they play Amityville in a three game series starting on the 24th. Animal's owner Anthony Pucci said, "Those throwbacks will look real nice Clark when we are kicking the shit out of my sibling rivals!" (More)

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